ALMOST AN ISLAND (Cornwall, 2019)        
Roseland, Lizard, Rame

peninsula (n.) /pɪˈnɪnsjʊlə/ a piece of land almost surrounded by water or projecting out into a body of water synonyms: cape, promontory, point, head, headland, foreland, ness, horn, bill, bluff, limb; mull; half-island, half-isle, demi-island
1530s, from Latin paeninsula "a peninsula," literally "almost an island," from paene "almost" (see penitence) + insula "island" (see isle)

Almost an Island is a photographic survey of three peninsulas in Cornwall: Roseland, Lizard and Rame. At the beginning of January 2019, I set out on what would be the first of three walks along the South West Coast Path – a path which hugs the entire Cornish coastline. The walk started in the small coastal hamlet of Bohortha and ended in the old fishing village of Porthscatho. This project plays with the literal meaning of the word peninsula, considering the mind as ‘almost an island’ to the wandering body and uses photography to explore the relationship between walking, thinking and seeing. Each walk took place during a different season (winter, spring, summer) and were joined by different companions. All photographs were shot on Kodak TRI-X 35mm film.

Roseland: Bohortha ----> Porthscatho Lizard: Kynance ----> Carleon Rame: Polhawn ----> Cawsand